Remember Your Pet With an Engraved Pet Memorial

Pets, just like people are an integral part of many families and are loved just as much as a sister, brother, mother or father. Unfortunately, pets have a much shorter life span than us so we have to deal with the loss of a pet much more often than the loss of loved ones. This can be very hard and obviously very emotional on everyone in the family, especially when there are young children involved that thought their pet would be their best friend forever.

Families often struggle with what to do when you lose a pet. Do you bring it somewhere and have them take care of it? Do you get your dog or cat cremated and put its ashes in a jar or spread them on your lawn? Do you bury your pet by a tree in your yard to have a special place to remember him? Whether you choose any of these options you can have a beautiful pet memorial rock created that you can put indoors or out for everyone to remember your special friend. These engraved pet stones will remind everyone what a good pet you had and create conversation and great memories.Engraved stones make great pet memorials because they can be completely customized and come in any size. Create the pet memorial as a family, choose an image of your pet from a large selection of stock animal images, or provide a custom image, put your pets name on the stone and the date or a special name you called her, or even a quote that is special to your family. A pet memorial will not only last forever, but it will be something special your family and children can remember their special friend by. Depending on the number or letters or picture, you can get an engraved stone to use as a pet memorial or pet marker anywhere from 5″ across up to 14″.